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Preserving your Log Cabin

All of our log cabins are Kiln Dried and require a preservative treatment. When installation is completed, we recommend the cabin is treated within 14 days, this is something we can do for you as the final stage of installation. We also advise the log cabin is then treated every year to ensure maximum longevity or alternatively talk to our specialised team for advice.

The preservative we use contains a 3rd active ingredient to control blue stain and other wood destroying & discolouring fungi (IPBC) as well as water repelling agents. It is also HSE approved by also containing Permethrin to protect against Wood boring insects and Tebucanazole to protect against wet & dry rot/fungi.

Our preservative comes in a variety of colours:

 - Clear

 - Light Brown

 - Golden Brown

 - Dark Brown

 - Forest Green



To complete the overall appearance, many customers have decking surrounding their log cabin to maximise the use of the building. This is something London Timber Buildings can do for you and we price this per square metre.

Balustrades are also available in a variety of different styles, please speak to our sales team for further information.

Example of completed log cabin with decking:

Knightsbridge with decking



We also recommend guttering on all our log cabin buildings again to preserve the building. The gutters ensure the water moves away from the cabin building and foundation.

We can supply and fit gutters for you, these are available in Black of White.