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Roof Options

We have several types of roof covering options available depending on which cabin you choose and the appearance you are looking for. Below outlines the benefit for each of the following options:

 - Rubber Slate Effect Tiles

 - Premium Felt Shingle Tiles

 - Premium EPDM


Rubber Slate Effect Tiles

Our rubber slate effect tiles are made from 100% recycled materials, to ensure your log cabin is as eco-friendly as possible whilst maintaining the contemporary design of the building.

Not only do they look attractive, these tiles also offer many practical benefits including:

 - 50 Year Manufacturers Warranty

- Grey slate effect appearance

- No breakages, class 4 impact rating

- No maintenance (no moss will grow)

- No waste

- Lightweight

- Class ‘A’ fire rated (BS476. Part 3)

- Unique flexibility to be used for valleys and ridges.

- No curling, lifting or delaminating and impermeable to water.

- Strong, recyclable and attractive addition to your log cabin.

These Rubber slate effect tiles are available to view on our Knightsbridge log cabin at our display village. Images of this roofing option in situ:



Premium Felt Shingles

-          Available on all ranges except the Wembley log cabin range (due to the curved roof)

The premium felt shingle tiles are a popular choice of roof covering for several reasons. The first being their appearance, the tiles compliment the log cabin building and give a more traditional look to the overall finish. Secondly and more importantly it gives you greater water proofing protection than standard roofing felt.  

This option is available to view on our Chiswick log cabin at our display village. Images of premium felt shingle tiles in situ:



Premium EPDM

-          Ideal for the Wembley & Chiswick log cabins only, due to the style of roof.

Premium EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is an extremely durable, one piece rubber membrane which is widely used in low-slope buildings worldwide and is therefore perfect for our Wembley log cabin range. Its two primary ingredients, ethylene and propylene, are derived from oil and natural gas. Like the felt shingle titles, this gives you greater water proofing protection than the standard roofing felt.

We only use 1.5 premium, not 1.2 like some of our competitors, and this comes with a 30 year manufacturers warranty.  To compare, the same 1.5 premium is used on flat roofing for houses.

This option is available to view on our Wembley log cabin at our display village.