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Doors and Windows

At London Timber Buildings we are proud to offer Quality handmade windows and doors. Whether you are looking to purchase a small Wembley Log Cabin or one of our stunning 3 Bedroom Residential Log Cabins from the Richmond Range, you can be assured of the same high quality double glazed units.

The handmade process we use to make our units, includes the use of double mastic with the addition of quality galvanized black rain guards. These rain guards will never rot or rust. The window frames are expertly constructed using Mortice & Tenon joints.

All framework is kiln dried to a moisture content of 9%. All we recommend is that you ensure that the windows are properly stained and protected from the elements as soon as possible to retain the level of moisture content reached, thus preventing any swelling, warping or twisting. This simple straightforward task makes for a totally waterproof unit.

London Timber Buildings - Quality Doors and Windows