To give you an idea of the customisations that are possible:

  • The building can be made to your exact dimensions for example, 7.2m x 3.6m
  • add, remove and move doors and windows to be any position you like (as long as the building will hold structurally).
  • add / remove partition walls to create internal rooms
  • Cut in archways to create walk-throughs from one room to another
  • Have the building with no floor, to be placed on a concrete base. This is often used for our garages and gyms with heavy equipment.
view projects for inspiration

How to get started

  1. Take a look at the log cabin and garden building ranges on our website and decide on a roof style you would like
  2. Sketch out an ideal floor plan including dimensions where possible. This does not need to be to scale, a rough sketch is fine, just to give us an idea of your layout.
  3. From this we will provide a detailed quote.
  4. We require 50% of the building cost to confirm your order,
  5. You will receive a set of detailed plans for your approval, as soon as these are approved your logs will go into the queue for production
  6. We will be in touch to arrange an assembly date as soon as your building arrives with us.

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