Premium Log Cabins

London Timber Buildings offer a range of log cabin designs which you can customise to meet your needs. You can specify the exact size, log thickness, window & door configurations and more. Click into a specific range to view the options available or get in touch to start designing your dream log cabin.

The iconic clock house design creates a unique and stylish high-grade log cabin. Works well as a standalone Nursery or Classroom positioned within the confines of a School.
The iconic clock house design creates a unique and stylish high-grade log cabin. Works well as a standalone Nursery or Classroom positioned within the confines of a School.
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The Chiswick
The Chiswick Log Cabin is classic and timeless. Its traditional design offers an off-set apex, which are all under 2.5m in height and therefore fall within permitted development.
The Greenwich
One of our more traditional ranges, benefiting from an apex roof with the doors situated in apex front. The Greenwich is under 2.5 as standard and can also be built with an increased height up to 3m.
The Knightsbridge
The iconic clock house design creates a unique and stylish high-grade log cabin. Works well as a standalone Nursery or Classroom positioned within the confines of a School.
The Pimlico
The Pimlico Log Cabin range is very popular with it’s ultra modern pent roof bringing the overall height under 2.5m and therefore within permitted development. It is recognisable for its modern design which features an 800mm overhang.
The Wembley
Falling under 2.5m in height and therefore within permitted development. This contemporary range is named after the iconic Wembley Stadium, taking inspiration from the stadiums famous skyline.

The Log Cabin Design Process

Our simple step by step process gives you complete control over the design of your new log cabin. We will advise at every step to ensure your log cabin fits your space, suits your needs and meets your budget.

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1. Plan your Cabin Size

We can make any of our buildings to any size or configuration. Therefore this stage is about choosing a size that fits within the designated area, is fit for purpose and of course within budget. We offer a free of charge, no obligation, site survey to all potential customers. Depending on your location this will be either a visit to site or via sykpe.

2. Base and Site Preparations

We recommend an eco-base of anti-rot solid recycled plastic posts concreted into the ground. This method is cost effective, less intrusive to your garden and enables all-round air flow to the cabin. Should the cabin be required for heavy duty items, such as gym weights or a workshop, then a more traditional concrete base would be better suited.

3. Choose Log Thickness

44mm - Hand selected to create a sturdy structure. Other log cabin companies often offer 28mm.

70mm - Provides better year-round insulation.

44 + 44mm - The twin skin logs allow us to add wall insulation and hide services in the cavity wall. This is a super warm option.

4. Doors & Windows

Our standard log cabin window and doors are handmade to a premium quality. All units benefit from double glazed glass and all windows offer a dual opening mechanism; tilt and turn. With our bespoke service, you can customise the number of windows and doors to suit your needs.

5. Select Roof Covering

100% Recycled Rubber Tiles - Knightsbridge range only. 50 year life expectancy. Stronger, more pliable membrane. Wind, weather & fire resistant

EPDM Rubber Membrane - Applied to all roofs except the Knightsbridge range. 35 year life expectancy. Extremely durable. Optional Artificial grass

Felt Shingle Tiles  - Knightsbridge range only. 20 year life expectancy. Durable & lightweight

Felt Shingle Tiles
Rubber Tiles
EPDM Rubber
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Log Cabin Optional Extras

These are all extras we recommend to help you get the most out of your log cabin and ensures when we leave site the building is ready to use.

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We have a team of experienced builders on hand to install your garden building. The team are polite, efficient and organised to ensure the install goes without a hitch.


High performance insulation can be added to the floor, roof and walls to allow your cabin to stay cool in the summer and retain heat in the winter.


Guttering ensures water moves away from the cabin and foundations. Guttering is available in black or white.

Decking & Balustrades

To complete the overall appearance of the cabin we can add decking and balustrades.


Electricity will be added to your log cabin, along with internet connection via home plug or cables. Installation would be fully certified and fitted by a qualified electrician.

Wood Protector

Our logs are kiln dried and require treatment. We include the first application of wood protector to the building as an optional extra. We recommend you treat the cabin ~14 days after assembly with a wood preservative and annually thereafter, to ensure maximum longevity.

Premium Log Cabins - FAQs

Yes. All our buildings are made to order, and we can accommodate most designs. We will work with you to create a building that offers your ideal layout and maximizes your available space.

Of course. All Log Cabins are made to order, and internal partition walls can be added to any building.

Yes. Many customers ask us to install decking around their Log Cabin as an upgrade.

Yes. We can either work alongside your own plumber or we can do this for you. We offer the full service, if required, from drainage and sewage system installation to the fitting of white goods.

The logs are kiln dried to remove moisture and therefore come untreated. Upon assembly your log cabin will need to be treated with a wood protector (we offer this service as an optional extra, in a choice of colours) and we would then recommend applying a wood preservative annually. Alternatively, cabins can be primed and painted for a lower maintenance option.

We offer acoustic insulation as an upgrade. This will reduce the transfer of sound from the building. Different acoustic treatments are available depending on the level of sound proofing required.

Wood is a natural insulator and when heated the Log Cabins will retain their heat well. We, therefore, feel that underfloor heating would be unnecessary and an inefficient way to heat the building. However, although this is not a service we offer, you could have electric underfloor heating easily fitted to your Log Cabin if it is something you particularly want to have.

With the recommended maintenance and use of wood preservative we would expect our Log Cabins to have a life expectancy of over thirty years.

Yes! We offer log cabins in either single skin (one wall) 44mm or 70mm thick logs, or twin skin (two walls, with a cavity between them that can be used for insulation) 44mm + 44mm logs. Wood alone is an excellent insulator and all buildings come with double glazed windows and doors, as standard. When these elements are coupled with roof and floor insulation you can expect year-round comfort.

Generally, no! Our Log Cabins normally fall within permitted development, eliminating the requirement for a planning application being required. Planning requirements remain the customers responsibility and we would recommend checking the Planning Portal for further information.

Yes. We offer a free of charge, no obligation, site survey. We feel this is an important part of the decision-making process, to ensure the designated area is suitable and assist you in designing your ideal Log Cabin. We will discuss the construction process, measure your garden space and assess the access to your premises. Depending on your location this will be either a visit to site or via Skype.

What can�t you use it for, would be the better question! A home office, craft studio, party and games room, school classroom, teenage hangout, home business (hairdressers, beauty salon, dog grooming parlour, eyelash studio), hobby room, music room, additional family living space, annexe accommodation. The possibilities are endless!

Our Log Cabins come with a twelve month guarantee on all materials and workmanship.

We offer a three-stage payment structure. Upon ordering we would ask for 50% of the cabin cost. Prior to delivery we would ask for the balance of your cabin cost plus 50% of any optional extras (assembly, insulation etc) and your final balance payment would be due upon completion of the works.

We generally work towards an eight to ten week lead time, subject to seasonal changes. Should you require your Log Cabin for an earlier deadline, we will do our best to work with you to try and achieve that.

No. To ensure the highest quality build our Log Cabins are installed by our own fully trained London Timber Buildings team.

No. We only ask that someone is there when the fitters first arrive so you can sign off the exact location of the building in your garden as work commences.

Very little. All we ask is that the area is clear (i.e. no trees, shrubs, existing sheds etc). We can build over slightly uneven ground as our base system will level off the area and we can build over multiple surfaces (i.e. a combination of paving, grass, concrete etc).

Yes. If you have a base that is the correct size and level then we can work off that, alternatively you can have your own base installed separately, if preferred.

We will assess the access when carrying out your site survey. Generally, we do not need any more than a standard door�s width to reach the build site. Our fitters do not require access to your property, unless the garden can only be reached by going through the house.

This obviously varies depending on the size of building you choose, but generally we assemble most �typically� sized Log Cabins within approximately three to five days.

The Log Cabin heights vary depending on the chosen model. Our Wembley, Chiswick and Pimlico buildings are 2.5m or less to comply with permitted development rights in standard sized gardens. Models with apex roofs are higher, generally to comply with permitted development rights in larger gardens. All buildings are, however, made to order so bespoke heights are available

There are no limits. We are happy to build to any size. Please bear in mind that you may have a requirement for the Log Cabin to meet building regulations if it exceeds thirty square metres internally in size.

All measurements listed on our website are external wall measurements. They do not include any overhang your chosen Log Cabin may have.

For our Pimlico and Wembley range we use EPDM, which is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane. Unlike our competitors, we use premium grade EPDM. Most of our buildings can be covered in one single piece therefore, no seams are present which almost eradicates the likelihood of any leaks occurring. EPDM has a manufacturer�s warranty of twenty-five years and a life expectancy of over fifty years. For our Log Cabins with apex roofs, we offer two roof coverings; felt shingle or rubber tiles. We use superior grade felt shingle tiles, for a high-quality finish. Alternatively, the premium option would be the rubber slate effect tiles. These are recycled and recyclable, maintenance free, ideal for lower pitched roofs, lightweight and designed to withstand winds of up to 110mph. The rubber tiles have a manufacturer�s warranty of fifty years.

We source premium quality timber and build materials. Our carefully selected logs are sustainably sourced and graded. It is controlled by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), to promote the responsible management of the World�s forests.

Delivery is �260 if you are within twenty miles of us. We do regularly deliver and install Log Cabins further afield and would be happy to provide a quote.

There are two price options on our website; Full Turnkey and Self-Build/Supply only. The Full Turnkey package option does include assembly as well as the following: Full Turnkey Package Option The turnkey build package includes all of the following: Log cabin in selected log thickness with double glazed doors & windows as described Local delivery Supply & Install eco base Cabin assembly Supply & install floor insulation Supply & install roof insulation Supply & lay premium EPDM, final roof cover. Supply & fit guttering incl. downpipes in black or white Apply premium wood protector in a choice of colours Please note if you don�t require all of the above, contact us for price options.

We include double glazed windows and doors in all our Log Cabins, as standard. We do not believe single glazed windows are suitable for a log cabin.

As standard, no. We work with a local electrician who can provide you with a quote or you can use your own electrician. Electrics are easily added to a Log Cabin once the build is completed.

No, though we do offer this service as an optional extra. Our recommended base is an eco-base. This consists of solid recycled plastic posts being concreted into the ground to which a tanalised and pressure treated timber framework is fixed. The posts come in 3m lengths and are cut down to size on site, this enables us to level any uneven ground and minimise ground preparations you must do prior to our arrival. This system provides a level base to which your final 2000-gauge damp membrane is attached, and your Log Cabin constructed. The eco base is cost effective, less intrusive to your garden, better for the environment, elevates the building away from damp ground and enables all round air flow to the cabin. Alternatively, we can install a concrete base if preferred or you can arrange for the base to be done yourself.

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Bespoke design service

You design it, we’ll build it!

Our ranges of garden rooms and log cabins are there to buy or simply to inspire! Choosing a style is just the beginning as you will work with our design team to create your dream garden building, with every finish and detail chosen by you, and installed with precision by our expert team.

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