The Process

Want to buy a garden room? Here is our step by step guide to tell you everything you need to know and help explain our order process from start to finish.

We have created 4 standard ranges; The Finsbury, The Mayfair, The Dulwich and The Hoxton. However all of the components are interchangeable, enabling us to offer a complete bespoke service and help you buy the garden room you desire. 

The Finsbury Garden Room display building

Select your style

We have 4 different designs of garden rooms on offer; The Finsbury, The Mayfair, The Dulwich and The Hoxton. All of which bring their own unique style to your garden. At this stage, it is just about selecting the overall shape of the building as all of the windows and doors are interchangeable and the same applies with the external cladding, but more on this later. 

Decide on the size

The next stage is to agree the size of your building. Please remember all of our sizes are external and therefore the maximum size of the building. A couple of things to consider when making this decision:

Free Site Survey

We offer a free of charge, no obligation, site survey to all potential customers. We feel this is an important part of the decision making process, to ensure the designated area is suitable and assist you in designing your ideal garden room. We will discuss the construction process, measure your garden space and assess the access to your premises. Depending on your location this will be either a visit to site or via sykpe.

Planning Permission

Our garden rooms have been designed to comply with permitted development rights and therefore planning permission is not usually required. If the building is being placed within 2m of your boundary it should remain under 2.5m in height, if it is placed 2m or more away then you can increase the height up to 3m. To find out more about permitted development take a look a the planning portal by clicking here.

Choose your doors & windows

As standard all of our buildings come with the uPVC doors & windows as shown in the display image, see below to see what included for each model. However all of the doors and windows can be changed / added / removed or upgraded to aluminium if you wish. 

What's included as standard?

As standard, The Finsbury garden room prices include the following:

  • French doors 1700mm x 2000mm with fixed pane either side 500mm x 2000m in white uPVC
  • Casement window 650mm x 1120mm in white uPVC

As standard, The Mayfair garden room prices include the following:

  • Patio doors 3 pane 2700mm x 2000mm in white uPVC
  • 2x fixed pane windows 900mm x 2000mm in white uPVC
  • 1x fixed pane window 500mm x 1200mm in white uPVC
  • 2x top hung opening windows 935mm x 480mm in white uPVC
  • 1x single internal door in white

As standard, The Dulwich garden room prices include the following:

  • Patio doors 3 pane 3000mm x 2000mm in White uPVC
  • Fixed pane triangular window 400mm-900mm x 1780mm in  white uPVC 
  • 2x top hung opening windows 935mm x 480mm in Grey external / white internal uPVC

The additional options

We offer both Aluminium and uPVC doors and windows, which option you go for comes down to your personal preferences, your budget, and the factors that are important to you. Every homeowner is different and since uPVC and aluminium tie on so many factors particularly thermal efficiency and security it’s not as simple as saying one is better than the other.

Aluminium windows have come on leaps and bounds over the past 10 years in terms of affordability, durability, and thermal efficiency, and we expect them to only continue to grow in popularity. However, there will always be a place in the market for uPVC thanks to its affordability.

All of our French & Patio doors and all windows options can be made in either uPVC or Aluminium. Bifold doors are only available in Aluminium. These can be made in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your configuration. Please speak to our sales team for prices.

Each garden room includes their standard doors in the price, however your can alter these if you prefer a different style. We offer 3 main styles, as shown below, which can be made to your exact dimensions. 

Please note BiFold doors are only available in aluminium. 

LTB-Doors Bifold

BiFold doors

LTB-Doors Patio

Patio (sliding) doors

LTB French doors

French doors

Similar to the doors, each garden room includes windows but these can also be altered if you prefer a different style or want to add / remove them. We offer 3 main styles in both uPVC or Aluminium, which can be made to any size you wish. 

LTB-Window Fixed

Fixed pane

LTB-Window Casement


LTB-Window Top Hung

Top hung

All of our door and window options can be made in any RAL colour, exactly the same as when choosing your doors and windows for your house. You can change the colour of your doors and windows on any of our garden rooms, this includes external and internal. Here are some of our popular combinations:

White windows & doors


White external / white internal is our most cost effective option.

The Mayfair Garden Room shown in Cedar


Grey external / white internal is our most popular option.

The Mayfair Garden Room shown with composite cladding


Black external / white internal is becoming more and more popular.

Choose your external cladding

Standard Cladding : Larch

As standard the prices include 21mm Grade A Larch cladding. Larch is an extremely durable type of external cladding, it comes in a range of warm hues; from orange to red-brown, but over the years it weathers to a very desirable silver-grey. The colours are striking yet inoffensive and natural, creating a natural feel to the building.

Optional Upgrades:

Burnt Larch: An option whereby our Grade A Larch has been fire treated to give a blackened appearance to the timber. This creates a more rustic look and feel to the building.

Cedar cladding: Renowned for it’s ‘natural beauty’; the reddish hue, tight grain patterns and soft texture make it a popular choice.
Composite cladding: Offering an ultra-modern look. Composite cladding is available in a wide variety of coloursand grains.


All of 4 cladding options offer minimal maintenance and be fitted horizontally or vertically.

Larch Cladding


Cedar Cladding


Composite Cladding


Burnt Larch cladding

Burnt Larch

Finalise internal options

There are so many different ways you can use your garden room and these various different uses will effect how you would like it finished internally. For example, a workshop would be better suited with a ply line finish whereas an outdoor living area would benefit from a full plaster finish and internal painting.

Internal finish

LTB Garden room ply line finish

Ply line

LTB Garden room plaster finish

Plaster finish

LTB Garden room plaster & paint

Plaster finish with internal painting

Internal walls

To ensure our buildings are as customisable as possible, you can partition walls and internal doors to your garden room. As standard, our garden rooms come with the following layout:

  • The Finsbury – open plan 1 room
  • The Mayfair – includes a small internal room measuring approx. 1m x 1.5m. As shown in the image.

Internal walls can be added for £100 per linear metre. Internal doors can be added for £450 inc VAT. Door as shown in the image.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is included in all of our garden room prices. You can select the colour of the floor from a wide variety, here are some of our popular choices.



Mayfair 3

Light Hickory

Whitelegge (1)

Grey Oak

External options

To ensure your garden room is finished as exactly as you would like it, we offer a number of optional extras for you to consider. Please contact the office for further information.



Decking can be added to the area surrounding your garden room and this is charged at £89 per sqm. We can also add balustrade or post and rope if you wish. Please speak to the office for further information.

Artifical grass to the roof

Artifical grass to the roof

Artificial grass can be installed on top of the membrane to offer an enhanced aesthetic appearance. Please contact the office for further details.

Electrical options

We offer a standard electrical package in all of our garden rooms which you can add to if you wish. As standard all sockets and switches are white, these can be upgraded please contact us for further details.

2 way consumer unit
2x double sockets
6-10 downlighters (spotlights), quantity depending on size of building.
1x outside input socket
All sockets & switches are white as standard, upgrades available on request.

3 way consumer unit: £99
8 way consumer unit: £148
Double socket: £69
USB Double socket: £82
Wall heater (price from): £249

The Order Process

  • Finalise size, layout and receive detailed quotation
  • Book a free of charge site survey to check location, access etc
  • Confirm your order by paying a deposit payment of 25% of the total quotation
  • You will receive a set of detailed plans for your approval, double check all dimensions, layout and door & window configurations
  • We will start to build your panels and confirm the window & door orders
  • We will schedule in a convenient install date, we aim to install within 12 weeks of receiving your deposit payment
  • We will arrive on site on the scheduled day. The average install takes between 5-10 days.
  • Your building will be signed off and you will be handed the keys!

The Payment Schedule

We offer a 4 stage payment structure, detailed in the process chart shown on this page, made in 4 equal payments. 

  • Deposit payment of 25% of total quotation, to confirm your order
  • 2nd payment is due upon approval of plans
  • 3rd payment is due prior to works commencing at your property
  • Final payment is due on completion of build

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