Log Cabin Process

To help guide you through the process of ordering your log cabin and make it as stress-free as possible, we have created a step by step guide to tell you everything you need to know.

Decide on the size

The log cabins we have showcased on our website are the ‘off the shelf’ models, however we can make any of our buildings to any size or configuration. Therefore this stage is about choosing a size that fits within the designated area, is fit for purpose and of course within budget.

Free site survey

We offer a free of charge, no obligation, site survey to all potential customers. We feel this is an important part of the decision making process, to ensure the designated area is suitable and assist you in designing your ideal cabin. We will discuss construction process, measure your garden space and assess the access to your premises. Depending on your location this will be either a visit to site or via sykpe.

Planning permission

Whether you will require planning permission or not depends on the overall height of your log cabin, how close you wish to place this to your boundary and the intended use. All of our log cabins can be built to be within permitted development. Take a look at the planning portal or give us a call to discuss this further.

Consider log options

We offer our cabins in a choice of log thicknesses; 44mm, 70mm or twin skin 44mm logs. With thicker logs comes better insulation, even our 44mm log is thicker than most of our competitors’ offerings. The thickness required will generally depend on the intended use of the building.
44mm is perfect for a garden cabin, wood is in an insulator in itself and therefore by upgrading to 70mm logs you will help keep the heat in through the winter months and keep the cabin cool in the summer. The twin skin 44mm log option is our fully insulated option.
An additional note here, our packages do include floor, roof and wall insulation (on twin skin option) to help keep regulate the temperature in your log cabin but more on that later.


Our interlocking 44mm logs have been hand selected creating a sturdy structure.
Other log cabin companies often offer 28mm, our starting thickness is 44mm, this is ideal for seasonal usage.


Wood is an insulator in itself and therefore by upgrading to 70mm logs will retain even more heat throughout the winter months but also keep the building cool in the summer.

70mm is ideal for year-round usage.

Twin skin 44mm +44mm

The twin skin option is our residential style specification. The twin skin logs allow us to add wall insulation and hide services in the cavity wall. This is super warm option.

Twin skin is ideal for residential and other all year round usage.

Door & Window considerations

Our standard log cabin window and doors are handmade to a premium quality. All units benefit from double glazed glass and all windows offer a dual opening mechanism; tilt and turn. 

The handmade process we use to make our units, includes the use of double mastic with the addition of quality galvanized black rain guards. These rain guards will never rot or rust. All framework is kiln dried to a moisture content of 9%. All we recommend is that you ensure that the windows are properly stained and protected from the elements as soon as possible to retain the level of moisture content reached, thus preventing any swelling, warping or twisting. This simple straightforward task makes for a totally waterproof unit.

Plan your base and site preparations

The majority of our cabins are assembled under permitted development, which do not normally require planning permission and are, therefore, deemed to be non-permanent structures.

To support this definition, we recommend an eco-base of anti-rot solid recycled plastic posts concreted into the ground to which a tanalised and pressure treated timber framework is fixed. This provides a level base to which your final 2000-gauge damp membrane is attached, and your cabin constructed. This method is cost effective, less intrusive to your garden and enables all-round air flow to the cabin.

Should the cabin be required for heavy duty items, such as gym weights or a workshop, then a more traditional concrete base would be better suited.

Select your final roof covering

As standard the log cabin comes with 19mm roof boards, to protect the cabin we add a final roof covering. The options available depends on the roof style, tiles are used on pitched roof and a one piece rubber membrane used on the flat or curved roof buildings. We use the highest quality roofing materials to add longevity, reduce maintenance and enhance the appearance of your cabin. We recommend the addition of guttering to direct water away from the building. All roof coverings are available to view within our display village.

Eco slate rubber effect tiles

Eco Rubber Slate Tiles

50 year life expectancy. 100% recycled rubber roofing slates offering a stronger, more pliable solid membrane, whilst offering a stunning appearance. Gives a better insulated roof that is wind, weather and fire resistant even at low pitches.
Suitable for pitched roof buildings.

LTB Felt shingle tiles

Felt Shingle Tiles

20 year life expectancy. Offering a durable, lightweight roofing system for pitched roofs.
Suitable for pitched roof buildings.

EPDM & Artificial Grass

EPDM Rubber Membrane

35 year life expectancy. An extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane, we use the premium thickness of 1.5mm, widely used in low pitched roofs. One piece of rubber is cut to the exact roof size, offering a solid covering to the building. Artificial grass is, on occasion, installed on top of the membrane to offer an enhanced aesthetic appearance.
Suitable for flat or curved roof buildings.

Decide on optional extras

To help offer the full service and ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible we offer a number of optional extras. These are all extras we recommend to help you get the most of your log cabin and when we leave site the building is ready to use.

Cabin Assembly

We have a team of experienced builders on hand to install your garden building, they will carry out the whole process from start to finish. The team are polite, efficient and organised to ensure the install goes without a hitch. As mentioned we are a family run business and our site manager George, is always available to answer any questions you may have and see you through the whole process.


We recommend insulating your building to ensure it offers all-season use. High performance insulation can be added to the floor, roof and walls to allow your cabin to stay cool in the summer and retain heat in the winter. The insulation values of a properly constructed log cabin are outstanding.

Wood Protector

Our logs are kiln dried and require treatment. We include the first application of wood protector to the building as an optional extra. We recommend you treat the cabin approximately fourteen days after assembly with a wood preservative and annually thereafter, to ensure maximum longevity. The protector uses hydrophobic waxes to prevent the decay and damage that water ingress can cause.


Guttering directs water away from the building. For our log cabins this is placed on the relevant walls to ensure the water moves away from the cabin and foundations. Guttering is available in black or white.


Electricity was be added to your log cabin, along with internet connection via home plug or cables. Installation would be fully certified and fitted by a qualified electrician.

Decking & Balustrade

To complete the overall appearance of the cabin we can add decking and balustrade options, we have a number different options on display for you to view alternatively these can be viewed in our gallery by clicking here.

Place your order

In order to place your order, we require 50% of the log cabin price as a deposit. As standard we offer a 3 stage payment structure which is as follows:

1st payment – 50% of the cabin price to confirm your order
2nd payment – Due before delivery, the cabin balance plus 50% of agreed optional extras
Final Payment – Due in full upon completion of works

Please note, for supply only cabins there is just a 2 stage structure, 1st payment as above, 2nd payment before delivery where the balance is due in full.

Delivery & Assembly

As soon as your log cabin arrives to us, we will be in touch to book in your assembly or delivery date.

Your log cabin is built by our team of experienced fitters, them are efficient, polite and will leave your garden tidy and free of any waste. They will work with you to ensure you are happy with the location of the building and show you how to use and maintain your new garden building.

Want to know more?

No problem, our sales and design team are on hand 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. We are based within Smith’s Garden Centre in Uxbridge. Come and visit us, or contact us on the details below:

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