The Chiswick

The Chiswick Log Cabin is classic and timeless. Its traditional design offers an off-set apex, which are all under 2.5m in height and therefore fall within permitted development.

Log cabin features

  • Log cabin in selected log thickness
  • Double glazed doors & windows
  • Overhang: 400mm
  • Eaves height: 2096mm
  • Ridge height: 2489mm

Price from £3,895

Standard log cabins – All standard cabin sizes within this range are listed below, the first measurement is the width and the second is the depth. For example 5m x 3m, the cabin is 5m wide and 3m deep. 

Bespoke log cabins – All of our cabins are made to order and therefore can be made bespoke to any size or configuration. Please give us a call to discuss this further.

Log Thickness – All of our log cabins are available in 2 log thicknesses; 44mm and twin skin 44mm+44mm.  Floor boards are 28mm thick and roof boards are 19mm. 

Pricing options – There are 2 pricing options available; Full Turnkey Package Option and Supply Only Self Build Option. The prices listed below are for 44mm logs; 70mm and twin skin 44mm + 44mm prices are available on request.

For detailed information on the log options and build process, click here.

Chiswick log cabin CHI101

Features include:

  • Double doors 2/3 glazed
  • 2x single windows
  • Overhang: 400mm
  • Eaves height: 2096mm
  • Ridge height: 2489mm

Full Turnkey / Full Build Option

The turnkey price includes the following:

    • Log cabin in 44mm logs with double glazed doors & windows as described
    • Local delivery
    • Supply & Install eco base
    • Cabin assembly
    • Supply & install floor insulation
    • Supply & install roof insulation
    • Supply & lay felt shingles, final roof cover.
    • Supply & fit guttering incl. downpipes in black or white
    • Apply premium wood protector in a choice of colours

Please note if you don’t require all of the above, contact us for price options.

Supply Only / Self- Build Option

The supply only price includes the following:

  • Sub frame
  • Logs in selected thickness
  • 19mm Roof boards
  • 28mm Floorboards
  • Selected doors & windows, double-glazed.

Additional build materials are also available to complete your self-build. For example, final roof materials, insulation, preservative etc, along with delivery, details are available on request.

Cabin SizeCabin RefSupply Only 44mmFull Turnkey 44mm
4m x 3mCHI101£3,895£8,723
4m x 4mCHI102£4,395£9,223
5m x 3mCHI103£4,495£9,403
5m x 4mCHI104£4,995£11,030
6m x 3mCHI105£4,995£10,314
6m x 4mCHI106£5,925£13,167
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