The Chiswick

The Chiswick Log Cabin is classic and timeless. Its traditional design offers an off-set apex, which are all under 2.5m in height and therefore fall within permitted development.

Log cabin features

  • Log cabin in selected log thickness
  • Double glazed doors & windows
  • Overhang: 400mm
  • Eaves height: 2096mm
  • Ridge height: 2489mm

Price from £3,300.00

Standard log cabins – All standard cabin sizes within this range are listed below, the first measurement is the width and the second is the depth. For example 5m x 3m, the cabin is 5m wide and 3m deep. 

Bespoke log cabins – All of our cabins are made to order and therefore can be made bespoke to any size or configuration. Please give us a call to discuss this further.

Log Thickness – All of our log cabins are available in 3 log thicknesses; 44mm, 70mm and twin skin 44mm+44mm.  Floor boards are 28mm thick and roof boards are 19mm. 

Pricing options – There are 2 pricing options available; Full Turnkey Package Option and Supply Only Self Build Option. Click on the tabs beneath the product heading, to find out the package inclusions.

For detailed information on the log options and build process, click here.

Chiswick log cabin CHI101

Doors & Windows included:

  • Double doors 2/3 glazed
  • 2x single windows

Full Turnkey Package Option

The turnkey build package includes all of the following:

Log cabin in selected log thickness with double glazed doors & windows as described
Local delivery
Supply & Install eco base
Cabin assembly
Supply & install floor insulation
Supply & install roof insulation
Supply & lay felt shingle tiles, final roof cover.
Supply & fit guttering incl. downpipes in black or white
Apply premium wood protector in a choice of colours

Please note if you don’t require all of the above, contact us for price options.

Cabin SizeCabin Ref44mm
4m x 3mCHI101£7,908.00
4m x 4mCHI102£8,203.00
5m x 3mCHI103£8,253.00
5m x 4mCHI104£9,585.00
6m x 3mCHI105£9,004.00
6m x 4mCHI106£12,467.00

Supply Only Option

We also offer our log cabins on a supply only basis / as a self-build option. The supply only price includes the following:

Sub frame
Logs in selected thickness
19mm Roof boards
28mm Floorboards
Selected doors & windows, double-glazed.

Additional build materials are also available to complete your self-build. For example, final roof materials, insulation, preservative etc, along with delivery, details are available on request

Cabin SizeCabin Ref44mm
4m x 3mCHI101£3,300.00
4m x 4mCHI102£3,595.00
5m x 3mCHI103£3,645.00
5m x 4mCHI104£3,995.00
6m x 3mCHI105£3,995.00
6m x 4mCHI106£5,895.00
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